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Kerry Mackay

From the moment I entered Heathers wee house, for week one reflexology, I felt it was like walking into an oasis of calm within the city. Heather's manner and words ease you from a busy work day into a zone of relaxation and calm. The surroundings Heather has created help with this feeling of calm, bliss and a right old treat for the feet. The room is small but doesn’t feel cramped, in fact, because it is only used for reflexology, it feels comforting and welcoming. The retro glass jug and glass containing cold, lemon infused water, and the designer bowl for feet soaking, all add to a feeling of luxury. Heather reinforces this with her “This is YOUR time” at the beginning of every session. I feel really comfortable in Heather's presence; she exudes a calm, friendly professionalism. She always made sure I was comfortable with the cushions in the correct place, and had a nice cosy throw in case it was cold. The reflexology bed and the chair were both relaxing and comfortable for the hour long treatment.

When I arrived for my first session, I had just finished a busy teaching day and was fighting off a bad cold. My feet were puffy and I felt exhausted. The session was a great pick-me-up, even though my cold lasted for a good two weeks, I felt my feet getting more and more responsive to the treatment. Heather targeted my immune system and shared with me what she was doing and why, without overloading me with too much information. When I asked any questions about reflexology or my treatment plan, she gave full and thorough explanations. She also gave me handy tips for home and a lovely sachet of foot bath soak crystals.

After the six weeks of treatment I feel my feet are much improved. They are not as puffy and tender. I always feel like I have new feet when I leave Heathers – I feel the need to move them and have become more aware of how they feel. But best of all - Heather's touch is relaxing and feels divine, I feel really pampered while experiencing foot reflexology.

I would definitely recommend reflexology in general and Heather in particular to friends and family. I have been so impressed with the effects of reflexology on my feet and general well-being that I plan to continue doing it.


Got home after a session and fell asleep straight away and woke refreshed. I do think this is due to being fully relaxed during the session. Continuing to use the CALM app. I learnt a lot on what reflexology is and think that it is beneficial for relaxing and centring the body. I found that I am more relaxed through the day. My expectation has been met because I have been able to manage my anxiety more and feel safe. I have recommended this to other students in my class. I haven’t had any cramps in my feet since treatment started.


The sessions were fantastic. Heather is very approachable and it is easy to relax and feel safe in her company. I think it has helped me when trying to sleep and taking deep breaths. Initially I found reflexology, the thought of it very unusual by have learnt quite a bit and I find it very interesting. I love having an hour in my week just to relax. The chair is very comfortable and the music is lovely. The environment is very relaxing and welcoming.


Such a professional informative relaxing calming hour of my life. Thanks, so much 😊

I’ve learnt a lot about reflexology during the sessions, I sleep better (through the whole night without broken sleep Pattern). I feel calm and relaxed, de-stressed following the session.

Other comments include:

Heather has a straight forward factual way of explaining reflexology and the treatments so I can understand. It is a very calming peaceful environment, drift off to sleep during treatments.

I would definitely recommend reflexology to everyone as part of their daily health wellbeing. I feel reflexology as a practice should be promoted so others can benefit.

Heather has a clinical nursing background which enhances her knowledge and mannerism around dealing with holistic care.

Jayne May 2018

Heather your professionalism was unfaultable. You warmly welcomed me into your home and made me feel at ease. Your room was beautifully set up, warm and cosy. I also enjoyed the music. Heather you have such a calming energy which makes you well suited to this work. I loved your massage and would highly recommend you. 

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