Reflex: an unconscious response to stimuli.

Ology: the study of science.


Both a science and an art of reading the body through pressure points on the feet, hands, and ears.

Reflexology is gentle, natural, holistic, non-invasive therapy developed from ancient practice that simply feels wonderful, is relevant to all ages and enhances our body’s natural innate ability to heal itself.

You don’t need an excuse to have a treatment. The experience is deeply relaxing and nurturing.

Benefits may include:

- Deep relaxation and easing of stress, muscle tension and pain.

- Better sleep, reduced fatigue.

- Increase in energy levels, concentration and productivity.

- Improved circulation, digestion and elimination.

- Human contact improves quality of life physically, spiritually and emotionally.

There are zones and reflex areas that correspond to all systems, structures and organs in the body. This relationship is called a reflex - when stimulation of thousands of nerve endings causes an unconscious response in another area.

Using specific pressure techniques with thumbs, knuckles, palms and fingers, a trained reflexologist may stimulate these corresponding reflex points and nerve pathways supporting all systems and organs to restore, balance.

Reflexologists do not diagnose, prescribe nor claim to cure, and work alongside your existing health professionals complementing your current medical treatments.

We consider physical and nonphysical and environmental factors that may be affecting your health and well-being for example: asthma, anxiety, blood pressure, diabetes, depression, anxiety, cancer, and pain.


What to expect from your first appointment:

Other than removing shoes and socks you remain fully clothed.

The initial consultation requires 1.5 hours and includes arelaxing tea tree or lavender oil foot bath, a lifestyle questionnaire and discussion on what brings you to reflexology, and your expectations. Reflexology to the feet follows. 

During reflexology many people drift in and out of sleep. Others prefer to remain awake, and visualise the body balancing combining breathing techniques. Some enjoy a guided Chakra balance.  

Some responses that may occur include, twitching or tickling sensations, scratching of the nose or tummy gurgling and a general sense of wellbeing and security.

The session ends with discussion on your experience, after care, formulation of a treatment plan which may include combinations of feet, hands, ears, Indian Head Massage. Self help techniques may be suggested for use at home between appointments.


Disclaimer: We advise you to inform your Doctor if you are receiving a complementary therapy.

Clients are reminded that Complementary Therapies should not be viewed as a replacement for medical care. 

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